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Foto M.D. de Jong MagnaFacta is a one person company at the moment, since the research isn't paying any dividends yet.
I am available for hire through MagnaFacta for a couple of months a year. Details about my current availability are on the availability page, which contains a quick summary of this resume as well.

This page contains the extended version of my resume. The resume is written in third person to facilitate reuse.


Mr. de Jong is a very good programmer and a reasonably good manager who is able to combine both functions. Furthermore he is capable in passing on his knowledge to others.
As a result he can be employed as Consultant, Programmer, Analyst, Project manager, Educator.

Personal data
NameM.D. de Jong, MBA
First nameMat (Matijs in Dutch)
BirthdaySeptember the 25th 1966 in Haarlem, the Netherlands
LanguagesDutch, English, (limited) German, French, Japanese
Management experience Two years as a project manager with Brunel ICT, five years as the manager of Interdata, three years ass Chief Information Officer for TARQ Information Technology.
Transport Drivers License class B, has his own car.
Sports Fitness, skiing, walking, diving
Hobbies Philosophy, history, manga, science fiction, comics
Other Secretary of the J-POP Foundation,
Council member of "VVE de Ritmeester"

Working knowledge
Very experienced ASP(.NET), Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Shell scripts, SQL, Visual Basic(.NET), Visual Basic for Applications, XPath, XSLT, Zend Framework
Experienced C#, Clipper, Pascal, PowerShell, Python, VBScript, XQuery
Knows C, C++, Haskell, Lisp, ML, Rexx, Ruby
Markup languages CSS, DTD's, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, Schema, XML, XSD, XSL-FO
Protocols E-Mail, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, SOAP, SSL, WDSL
Databases Access, dBase, DB/2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL-Server, Sybase, Watcom
OS's DOS, Mac OS/X, OS/2, Unix/Linux, Windows
Member of ACM: the Association for Computing Machinery, IEEE, Stichting HL 7


Management science, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Graduated in 1991 as Master of Science of Business Administration with a major in information Science. His graduation thesis (in English) concerned theoretical aspects of relational theory and was titled Streamlining Database Navigation.

Stedelijk Gymnasium (High School), Haarlem
Graduated in 1985 in Ancient Greek, Dutch, Economics I, English, History, Mathematics I and Physics.


1987-1988 Rijnhaave B.V.
today part of BT Consulting & Systems Integration
Worked part-time during university in various IT-functions through the former firm Rijnhaave. Customers were the Shell, Raet and the Dutch Post & Telecoms firm PTT Post, these days known as KPN.

1988-1990 Interdata
Started on his own for the first time, still part time during his university period. In this first incarnation Interdata built a number of database applications in Clipper (an xBase dialect) for three small-sized companies.

1989-1991 Erasmus university
The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Worked as programmer and researcher for projects on simplified database navigation and causal networks. Graduated on the theoretical and mathematical aspects of database navigation.
Also supervised lab-classes and gave supporting colleges in the subjects Programming Lisp and Expert and Knowledge systems.

1992-1996 Brunel Systems
today known as Brunel ICT
Worked as consultant, programmer and project manager. Customer were (among others) ABNAMRO, Mona, KLM-Cargo, multiple departments of KPN, DSM-Resins, HBG (today BAM) and the former GlaxoWellcome known at the moment as GlaxoSmithKline.

1996 Proface
Worked as an independent programmer. Customers were Holland Casino and GlaxoWellcome.

1996-2002 Interdata B.V.
Started Interdata again. Sold the stock in December 2000 to Mensys BV. Stayed on afterwards for a year and a half as Manager of Interdata.

2002-2004 TARQ Information Technology
Worked as head of Internal IT for TARQ. Work included the development and introduction of a document management system, the introduction of Exact Globe 2003 and integrating Globe with existing solutions using XML and .NET. TARQ also got a new website with CMS under his supervision.

2005-now MagnaFacta
Again on his own as researcher. Spends part of his time on consultancy and part of his time as a developer. Customers include Sunweb / GoGo Tours, the Erasmus University, O'Neill, TARQ, Hoykon and Mensys.


Relationele Databases: ook in 2003. An article in Dutch defending the continued use of relational databases even in a document oriented world. Reaction to prior article, both placed in the Computable in 2003.

Streamlining Database Navigation, subtitle: Facilitating the access to databases containing multiple relations, graduation text, December 1991 - in English. This text proposes an extension of the relational model, in order to enable users to retrieve non-atomic values from a database in first normal form.

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