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MagnaFacta creates intellectual IT property. At the moment I spend part of my time on researching new programming language design techniques for transforming XML and HTML. The remainder of my time is spent on IT consultancy and application development projects.


The current research is focused on improving the way we work with relational data, XML and HTML while programming. I use this knowledge when working for my customers, in particular working as the lead developer for the GemsTracker project. This is an open source project on GitHub for several healthcare customers. I am also one of the initiators of the CareFacts group that helps potential GemsTracker users to get up and running quickly.

The general knowledge from my research is used to develop a couple of standard utility repositories for general use.
You can check some of the older results of my work on the Else Logic and XML Jack sites.

This research is partly financed through subsidies, but the main payment comes from my customers.

Availability and Capacities

More than 25 years of IT work experience as programmer, analyst, project manager, information architect en CEO have made me employable in a wide variety functions. My XML en SQL knowledge goes deep and is on a par with the top of these fields.
Recently I have been programming in both Java, .NET and PHP including the Zend Framework. I work independently as well as in teams and have lead development projects with programming teams of up to 5 men.

You can find the details of my availability and a summary of my resume on the availability page. A full resume is available on the staff page.

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